The art of the artisan is the evolution of the authentic

"The art of the artisan is the evolution of the authentic"

A purpose, a passion.

“AnnaCuevas” is a sustainable fashion brand with years of intense work. This experience has given me not only knowledge, but a broad personal vision of what I believe and feel fashion should be and where it should go. We are in a paradigm shift and not only in fashion, in all areas. The authentic, the original, the human, respect and sensitivity will prevail. Joy, passion for beautifying Women, for conscious eating, for sports and yoga, for girls without rights in countries where the feminine means less or perhaps nothing. Who makes my clothes, where and how.

When work is love the result is something vibrant, with soul, something that whispers a story to you. It is creating garments with conscience to beautify women who feel, who are alive, with the desire to love.

"The energy that is put into creating things makes them what they are."

A because

Artisan Spiritual Technique

“Dressing is the daily act that we do all the time, above any other, which is why it is urgent to give importance to the energy that dresses us”

This is how the passion for craftsmanship, exclusivity and constant search for beauty arises. Craftsmanship is the greatest connection with the spirit, as is nature.

Each piece is crafted one by one and by hand with healthy fabrics, creating a feeling of protection and internal strength that connects you with the human essence.

“We are defenders of people, we want to create a more sustainable world through our work with the local circular economy and preserve the artisan value. Show our country as a source of inspiration through contemporary Spanish craftsmanship as we are for many parts of the world that appreciate all the richness we have as a culture”

Knitting by hand is a very laborious process that requires a lot of patience, since the development of a garment goes from the creative process, studying the specific threads that the type of garment needs, explaining it to the weaver and taking into account that our line is completely Handmade is much more laborious…The manufacturing time of a garment can take from 3 days to several months depending on the grade and fineness of the piece, as a result, they are invaluable and totally unique garments.

Empower artisans and women with the creation of contemporary designs and affirm that the concept of artisan is one who is connected to their society, caring for their environment and generating a local sustainable economy.

Craftsmanship is healthy for the mind and helps to achieve that state in which a person is focused on achieving one thing, it is a state of calm and absence of time in which only what is being done at that moment matters, producing a state of of happiness.

The power of the Alpaca

From the biblical term, the alpaca was born with the creation of the world and animals. However, from a scientific point of view, it is an evolution of its ancestor, the vicuña.

There are exactly two types of alpacas or two breeds, these are the Huacaya and the Suri. To differentiate them, you only have to appreciate their fur.

Alpaca is a light, soft, warm, resistant, completely natural fiber that we use to knit our designs.

It is a natural fabric that belongs to the so-called noble fibers, such as mohair, cashmere or angora. It presents a wide range of natural colors (more than 20) that range from white to black, through brown, brown or gray.