We are nature

Nature and art are the path to peace and love.

"peace and love as the essence of nature."

This day, at the end of the session, we sat down to eat in the sun at a table in Pablo's house, a friend for several years, who had the generosity of opening his house to us and giving us his horse "Sol", a jewel for his beauty, nobility and heritage of caste in innumerable awards.

The horse is an animal of great nobility and character. I learn a lot through the behaviors of animals and their wisdom gives me deep admiration. They are connected to each other.

The horse is an animal with a strong sense of community, it needs to belong although it is also independent.

Did you know that horses are very sensitive to their diet? It is essential that their diet is natural and of quality, since otherwise they get sick easily and could even die in a short time. Similarly, humans are sensitive to our diet and that is why there is a serious health problem in developed society due to processed and manipulated food that has been given a surreal normality.

Likewise, hygiene is very demanding for horses and they could also become ill if they do not live in the habitat conditions they need, such as a clean bedding, food and a healthy and affectionate environment. The more we learn about horses, the more we realize how much we humans are alike.

The horse has a memory and is extremely intelligent, always faithful and affectionate if treated with love and will need time to do so, as happens to people. By distancing ourselves from nature and love we wither, as happens in animals.

Listening to the laws of Mother Nature and her behaviors leads us to connect with our essence and awaken. We are love.

We can learn a lot simply by adopting their habits. For example, in sexuality, a mare is selective about the stallion and her mating is difficult due to her selectivity. Currently, the highest rate of cancer in women is caused by sexually transmitted papillomas. We live in a society where sexually transmitted diseases are multiplying by a thousand.

Sexuality is the most powerful energy that exists between two people who love each other. We must also be aware that sex without love is strongly destructive.

They are also 9 months pregnant, just like women. The female will breastfeed until she is approximately 6 months old, until the foal begins to hurt her because of her first teeth, then the mother will begin to wean it.

Raising in the first months of the foal, its mother will take care of it as women do with our children and will teach it by imitation. The baby learns through the mother's example, just like us.

We are all different, we are all unique women.

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